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2018 Master Teacher

Image of 2018 Master Teacher and PresidentShe is dynamic, interactive, and fun.  She brings energy to her daily interactions with the teaching team and with her students.  She is innovative and succinct in the classroom and lab settings.  Her presentations are clever and contain stories that drive home learning.  Her sense of accountability is evident in her approach to teaching. She has readily accepted assignments, clarified due dates, and produced her assigned work prior to the timeline.  She demonstrates the caring component of nursing with her own special style and seeks opportunities to help students over the many hurdles they encounter during the nursing program, respecting them first as members of the community and then as nursing students.  Marica Sotelo, Professional Nursing faculty, is one of our Pillars and a 2018 Master Teacher Award winner.

2018 Support Service

Image of 2018 Support Service Award Winner and PresidentHe is patient, friendly, courteous, and is always smiling. He can be trusted to do the right thing every time. He approaches everything from the routine to the last minute with a can-do attitude. He's always ready to do whatever is needed and has eagerly taken on new tasks. He has served in many different roles: Admission Advisor, Registrar, Outreach Coordinator, and Commencement Organizer. Chris Espinoza, Admission Advisor, is reaching for the stars and is the 2018 Support Service Award Winner.


SHPHeartbeat - March 2018 Newsletter