Sonisweb is our current School Management System where everything related to you and your academic records are kept. All official grades will be posted in Sonisweb. Some courses might use the Moodle gradebook and then transfer over the final grade at the end of each semester. You can also find your attendance records in Sonisweb, be sure and view them every once in a while. As Tax time rolls around you will also find your 1098T in Sonisweb where you will be able to download and print a copy. Notices will be sent out ahead of time when they become available. If you ever change your address or phone number be sure and update them in Sonisweb.

An important note, we use the information in Sonisweb to notifiy you of campus emergencies and other important information. You can find more information about our Campus Alert System here.

You can view the below document which will help you navigate your way around Sonisweb for the first time.

Sonisweb Student Overview

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