Password Reset

In order to use the Password Management System in the future to reset or unlock your account, you will need to update your registration. Click “Update Registration” below to start the process, you will need to login using your campus credentials (Single Sign-On).

Update Registration

If you have locked your account*, or have forgotten your password, you will be able to use this system to unlock & reset your account*. If you have used the system before you can click directly on “Reset Password”. If you have not used the system before you will need to setup your secret questions and answers while you currently have access with your password to enroll in this functionality. Click “Update Registration” to enroll in the Password Management System.

Reset Password

* Important, This Tool will only reset your BSHP Domain Account, for Faculty and Students Requiring your SATX Domain Account ( Outlook, PC Login, HED, etc. ) to be reset, You Will Need to contact the VHS Helpdesk at (210) 297-8721.