If caring is your calling, The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management is a fully online Baccalaureate completion degree. The program is designed to offer students with an Associate’s degree in Allied Health or Business, or an equivalent number of college credits (60) in these areas, the opportunity to study the management of healthcare systems within a highly regulated and evolving environment. Courses focus on the integrated managerial responsibilities within organizational systems, healthcare access, quality, information technology, community, and containment of cost.

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management is also a Baccalaureate completion program designed for applicants with an Associate degree in allied health or business or who have an accumulated 60 credits in either allied health or a business related field. The program builds on courses in Business, Allied Health, or Nursing, and includes arts, humanities, and social and natural sciences to prepare graduates for management in healthcare organizations that are changing and evolving as they prepare to meet the quality of care and cost containment challenges of health care in the 21st century.

Program Strengths

  • Fully Online to accommodate your work and family schedules
  • Instruction is student centered and highly interactive
  • Faculty are experienced and current in their field
  • Program cost is highly competitive
  • No retaking of previously passed courses due to aging out of credits required
  • If you have all of the general education requirements you can complete your Bachelor's degree in just 3 semesters

Why is a B.S. in Healthcare Management important to you?

  • It is an opportunity to put previous college credit to work for you earning a degree.
  • The future of healthcare demands more highly educated and competent managers.
  • It increases your career opportunities.

Leadership Connections for your future!

Overall, the need for bachelor’s degree prepared Medical and Health Services Managers is growing. According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for Medical and Health Services Managers is estimated to grow at 32% between 2019 and 2029. They list the median annual wage as $104,280 (as of May 2020). Actual salaries and employment opportunities will vary depending upon geographic location, market employment trends by local area, employer size, employee experience and employee credentials. Prospective students should research the local employment opportunities as a part of their decision making process.


  • Applicant must hold Associate Level Degree in Allied Health, or Business related field from an accredited College/University or
  • Applicant must-have 60 College Level credit Hours in Allied Health or Business related field.
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office (particularly Word).

Length:  May vary depending on general education transfer credits awarded, as short as 3 semesters (1 Year).