Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management Program

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management is a fully online baccalaureate completion degree. The program is designed to offer individuals with an Associate Degree in Business, Allied Health or Nursing the opportunity to study the management of healthcare systems. The core of the healthcare classes is completed in three semesters which can be started either in the Spring, Summer or Fall. Students must complete all General Education requirements and all Healthcare Management core courses to receive a degree.

Four core courses (12 hours) and a Case Study Course (1 hour) ---a total of 5 courses -- are offered each 16 weeks semester which focus on specific areas of management responsibility in healthcare facilities. Books for all courses for a given semester should be purchased before a semester begins. The textbook list is posted online.

Each course is 4 weeks in duration so there are 4 courses in a semester. A syllabus is provided for each course, which denotes expectations, assignments and grading. The courses (except the case study) are instructed in the order listed below for each semester. There is also a Case Study Course which is 1 credit hour and consists of a “project” that spans the knowledge gained throughout each semester. In the first week of a given semester, students are expected to pick a topic pertaining to the course work in a particular semester, which simulates a “real life” situation. The topic is then presented to the instructor as a “project proposal”. Once approved, the student should work on the “project” throughout the 16 week semester and submit the completed project in the final week of the semester.

Courses are offered in the following order:

The First Semester focuses on:

  • An overview of the healthcare industry
  • The fundamental aspects of management in healthcare
  • The management of human resources
  • Understanding and applying healthcare law
The courses are:Credit HourWeekCourse #
1. HM 3310 - Intro to Healthcare Operations Management31-41
2. HM 3320 - Healthcare Management35-82
3. HM 3330 - Health Care Human Resources39-123
4. HM 3340 - Legal and Regulatory aspects of Healthcare313-164

Total Hours for Semester 1: 13


The Second Semester focuses on:

  • Marketing principles in healthcare
  • Understanding how culture impacts the delivery of healthcare
  • Applying accounts concepts to healthcare management
  • Identifying how information systems are utilized in healthcare
The courses are:Credit HourWeekCourse #
1. HM 4310 - Healthcare Marketing31-41
2. HM 4320 - Community Health and Cultural Diversity35-82
3. HM 4330 - Accounting Fundamentals for Healthcare Managers39-123
4. HM 4340 - Information Systems in Healthcare313-164
5. HM 4150 - Systems Case Study11-165

Total Hours for Semester 2: 13


The Third Semester focuses on:

  • Applying Performance improvement in organizations
  • Understanding budgeting and revenue management
  • Implementing Behavior and change management
  • Improving quality and process management
The courses are:Credit HourWeekCourse #
1. HM 4350 - Healthcare Performance &Process Improvement31-41
2. HM 4360 - Health Finance & Economics35-82
3. HM 4370 - Organizational Development39-123
4. HM 4380 - Clinical Systems Management313-164
5. HM 4170 - Performance Improvement Case Study11-165

Total Hours for Semester 3: 13


Online Learning Expectations

Your responsibility as an online student: You should...

  • be present---share your thoughts freely without feelings of intimidation or embarrassment
  • be disciplined---develop a rhythm in your postings and completing your assignments on time
  • be organized in your work—know where you are in your journey through each course
  • be creative and use critical thinking skills
  • post responses that demonstrate you have acquired knowledge from your assignments
  • reflect on what you have learned from your readings and lecture presentations
  • learn course concepts for application and use
  • build on what you already know

Course Pre-requisites

Before beginning the first semester, a student must complete the Student Moodle Navigation Course. Each exercise must be completed and a final grade rendered before a student can begin course work. Navigation through the Moodle Learning Management System is essential to the successful completion of this degree program.

Most of the courses in this program require extensive writing. Documents must be written in MS Word and uploaded into Moodle. All written documents, whether an assignment or a posting to a discussion question must include support references to substantiate an argument. All reference items must be written using the APA Guidelines. You can also find an excellent writing support tool in your Textbook list: PERRLA for APA at or purchase the APA Publication Manual 6th edition.