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Student Organizations

As a Student here at the Baptist School of Health Professions there are many ways you can be sure your voice is heard. You may choose to take part in the Student Government and BSHP-SNA. These organizations coordinate extra-curricular activities to bring about a closer relationship between the students, faculty and administration. Activities encourage the development of school spirit through participation and the best possible academic learning environment.

Meeting Notes and Agenda’s are posted in Moodle under Student Organizations.

Student Nurses Association

What is SNA?

BSHP SNA (Student Nurses Association) is a pre-professional organization, committed to fostering the professional development of our future nurses and facilitating their transition into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities and career guidance.

Who is BSHP SNA?

BSHP SNA was founded in 2009 with the goal of service to the students of BSHP as well as to the community.

When and Where?

We meet on the first Monday of every month at noon in room 120. Though official membership is encouraged, EVERYONE in the nursing program(s) at BSHP is welcome.

Board Members:

President: Bethany Lee

Vice-President: Kimberly Garman

Secretary: Jasmine Coward

Treasurer: Lauren Roddy

Community Events Coordinator: Penny Gonzalez-Green

Social Events Director: Renee Morgan

Newsletter, Website and Social Media Director: -OPEN-

Membership Director: -OPEN-

Alumni Director: -OPEN-

Student Government

What is the Student Government?

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a group of BSHP students who volunteer to represent the student body in all matters to administration and faculty. Through involvement in SGA, students have the opportunity to learn and develop in a creative, intellectual, cultural, and social setting. Through this creative networking, our BSHP student crisis fund is supported and this benefits many students in times of need. Leadership is also cultivated in SGA, by which students have the opportunity to serve as President, Vice President, or Secretary. Together in serving and leading, students learn skills which are cultivated into their professional healthcare roles.

Student Council

President: Ema Bayne

Co-President: Chelsea Harris

Vice-President: Whitney Giles

Co-Vice President: Julie Campos

Secretary: Michelle Gardner

Co-Secretary: Danielle Falcon


Faculty & Staff

Norma Cisneros - Faculty Chair, DPN

Patricia Alvoet, Interim President

April Spencer - Co Chair, BSN

Susanne Duelm, DVN

Wendi Gines, DPN

Beth Cesnaitis, DMIT

Kelly Betsinger, DPN