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LMRT to RT Advanced Placement

Applicants who have completed an accredited Limited Medical Radiologic Technology program (LMRT) and/or hold a current Texas Medical Board LMRT license may apply for advanced placement in the Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Technology program.

Applicants for advanced placement will present all prior college transcripts for possible transfer credit, Texas Medical Board license(s), and a resume documenting employment in the radiologic technology field to the Department of Medical Imaging Director for review. In addition, applicants must meet all Baptist School of Health Professions admissions and prerequisite course requirements for the Radiologic Technology Program.

The Department of Medical Imaging Technology determines the applicants level of knowledge versus the current radiologic technology curriculum through single-attempt proctored assessment exams addressing the following areas:

Introduction to Imaging and Patient Care
Basic Radiographic Procedures
Intermediate Radiographic Procedures
Imaging Equipment
Radiographic Imaging
Radiation Biology and Protection

The Student Services Department will collect a fee of $40.00 per exam before scheduling the exam sessions. Upon completion of the assessments, the program curriculum committee and/or the program director will review the results. An individualized degree plan with transfer credits is then created to determined the advanced placement within the Radiologic Technology program. In order to receive credit for an equivalent course, the student must score 76 or higher on the advance placement exams. The Baptist School of Health Professions will award transfer credit after the student completes two core Radiologic Technology program courses with the Baptist School of Health Professions.

Applicants not successfully passing an advanced placement exam must complete the associated course(s) as delivered by the program.

In addition, advanced placement students will complete all general general education courses specified by the curriculum, and the following core courses:

RADR 2431 Advanced Radiographic Procedures
RADR 2963 Clinical Practicum III
RADR 2235 Radiologic Technology Seminar

Students accepted for advanced placement will complete the program clinical practicum requirements. This includes all clinical competencies as part of the clinical experience required by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).