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Welcome to the Baptist Health System School of Health Professions (BSHP).  Investing in your education builds new skills in caring for your patients, and opens doors to new career opportunities.  For over 100 years, BSHP continues to have a long standing reputation for graduating highly competent and caring health care professionals. Your success starts here. We are the premier education component of Tenet Health, where learners and graduates are among the very best prepared health care professionals.

BSHP Tuition Discount Program for Tenet Employees Now Available  - A discount tuition rate for approved programs (in approved states).  Students applying for this program may be eligible for employee tuition reimbursement programs in their markets.  Federal financial aid is also available for those who qualify.

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Are You Ready?

Returning to school is a big commitment.  All applicants must consider work, family, and social responsibilities and their ability to dedicate time to their education.

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Program Information

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