Wireless Access

Wireless Access is available anywhere on campus. When connecting to the wireless be sure to select the correct wireless network below. When prompted to sign-in after connecting to the wireless network you will use your BSHP Single Sign-On username and password. We provide wireless access to outside guests using a random username and password that is available on request.

Current Wireless Networks

SHP_CAMPUS - WPA2-EAP, Encrypted and secure access for all faculty, staff, and students

SHP_LABS - WPA2-PSK, Encrypted and secure access for computer and nursing lab devices.

SHP_GUEST - Open, Access for guests, requires unique guest credentials available on request. Campus resources are not available to this network.

Connecting to SHP_CAMPUS

Choose SHP_CAMPUS in the list of available networks, when prompted, enter your username and password. If you have trouble connecting, read the troubleshooting section below .

Detailed Documentation and Troubleshooting