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Wireless Access

Wireless Access is available anywhere on campus. When connecting to the wireless be sure to select the correct wireless network below. When prompted to sign-in after connecting to the wireless network you will use your BSHP Single Sign-On username and password. We provide wireless access to outside guests using a random username and password that is available on request.

Current Wireless Networks

SHP_CAMPUS - WPA2-EAP, Encrypted and secure access for all faculty, staff, and students

SHP_LABS - WPA2-PSK, Encrypted and secure access for computer and nursing lab devices.

SHP_GUEST - Open, Access for guests, requires unique guest credentials available on request. Campus resources are not available to this network.

Connecting to SHP_CAMPUS

Choose SHP_CAMPUS in the list of available networks, when prompted, enter your username and password. If you have trouble connecting, read the troubleshooting section below .


File Size Download
Campus Wireless Guide 548 KB Download


Recently change your password? Remove the remembered wireless connection and add again by selecting the network and logging in again.

Does your devices support the latest wireless standards? If not, you might need a usb adapter that supports 5Ghz networks.

Connected but receiving a certificate error? Just click accept, trust, or continue in the prompts. The certificate will read either,, or

Connected but have more options? Read below.

WPA2-EAP Generic Settings

EAP Method: PEAP
Phase 2: Automatic
CA Certificate: Do not check or Unspecified
Identity: enter your username
Password: enter your password
Anonymous identity: skip, leave it blank